Congratulations! Soon your team will be more productive, more aligned, and making better decisions twice as fast. This guide will help you get set up quickly and show you how and when to use Cloverpop to get the best results.

Why should my team use Cloverpop?

To Keep Track of Decisions

It's way **too easy to lose track of decisions in Slack. Cloverpop keeps them in a central place and lets you Announce them across multiple channels and individual DM's ****with a single click.

To Move Faster

Faster decisions mean faster iterations and faster course-corrections to achieve your goals. Decision Polls and Approvals help you gather the input needed to make the right decisions super fast.

For Fewer, Better Meetings

Cloverpop allows decisions to be made without unnecessary meetings, removing bottlenecks and focusing discussions. Distributed teams cannot afford bad meetings. Driving decisions through Cloverpop will unblock your team's calendars and inboxes, so your work flows faster than you thought possible.

Because It's Easy to Do

Cloverpop is built on Slack. That means that your team won't have to sign up for "yet another app" 🎉 so onboarding is a breeze — everyone will already be familiar with our interface so no learning curve!

Quickstart FAQ

Where can I use Cloverpop in Slack?

You can use Cloverpop absolutely everywhere in Slack: public channels, private channels, direct messages, etc. Just type */cp help* in any channel to pull up a menu of decision actions you can take.

Where can I see my decisions?

In Slack the Cloverpop channel can be found under "Apps" in the left sidebar. If it is not there you can search for it like you would any other channel. You will see the actions you can take at the top and your decisions at the bottom of Cloverpop's App Home.

I'm a Slack Admin, how do you handle security?

Cloverpop is SOC2 compliant with security-conscious customers across the US and EU. We take decision security very seriously. Read more about our security practices here.